Online workshop for the EduHack extended Network: 7th July 2020

How to run an online EduHackathon: insights from the EduHack project

Tuesday 7 July 2020, 10:00 – 13:30 CEST


Thanks to everyone who took part in our half-day online event which looked at the potential of hackathons as a format for educational innovation and capacity building in Higher Education. EduHackathons can be defined as intensive, focused, collaborative, hands-on events aimed at devising approaches and/or resources that address key educational issues or challenges. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, they may offer an agile way of rethinking teaching and assessment in the light of an ever-increasing reliance on online teaching.

This interactive event was particularly aimed at members of the EduHack extended network, but it was also open to anyone who is responsible for enhancing the digital skills and competences of academic staff in their university or higher education institution. During the event, partners of the EduHack consortium introduced key design thinking principles underpinning the hackathons and shared insights and the main lessons learnt from the experience of running online EduHackathons at their respective institutions. At the same time, they introduced a number of resources, tools and approaches relevant to the planning and delivery of hackathons and to fostering the development of digital education competences.



Introduction to EduHack, design thinking and EduHackathons

Moderators: Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium & Mattia Plazio, Nexa, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Talks were given by:


Problem definition

This session was all about the idea of defining a challenge for your Online Eduhackathon,

Talks were given by:


Coffee break, during which participants were asked to do a quick online research activity as well as having a break!


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Discussion and demonstration of different tools that were used in EduHackathons as well as different approaches to how they can be organised – both on and offline

Talk given by:


Final thoughts and introduction to the EduHack toolbox

Talk given by:

  • Martin Debattista, KIC, Malta



During the morning, we also created a list of the different tools and resources that were discussed and shared. Resources and tools [PDF file]

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  1. Carmen Delia Dávila Quintana
    Carmen Delia Dávila Quintana says:

    An interesting debate about how to explore a range of possibilities for the future.


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