ATiT is an audio-visual and information technologies company based in Belgium since 1999 which specialises in the educational, cultural and training sectors and provides audio-visual production, project management, training and consultancy services to clients all over the world. ATiT’s mission is to provide a bridge between technology and learning and to help individuals and organisations apply technology-based solutions to make the most of digital and particularly media-based tools and services. Since it began in 1999, ATiT has carried out more than 700 projects providing help to educators and trainers at all levels from compulsory level education to continuing professional development in different sectors including medicine. ATiT also runs the Media & Learning Association Secretariat, this not-for-profit European association represents almost 40 universities, agencies and organisations actively engaged in applying media based solutions in the learning sector in 17 European countries.

Why we are Participating in the Project

One of ATiT’s core interests lies in supporting learning organisations including Universities make the transition from traditional learning paradigms to ones which better meet the needs and realities of todays’ students by being more engaging, flexible, appropriate and effective. Digital tools and technologies can play an important role in such an evolution and are at the heart of much of what we do in terms of training, production and consultancy. In EduHack ATiT sees an opportunity to share their experience, build their knowledge, extend the network and contribute to the establishment of a very necessary network of practitioner guides who can help European universities make the transition to a more innovative learning offer.

Our Role in the Project

ATiT will contribute to the creation of the learning content and the different activities planned drawing in particular on their experience in relation to media supported learning.

Our Team

Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds

ATiT Manager

Sally is one of the founding directors of ATiT and has led various projects actions for several large-scale projects. She is an experienced trainer and her production background has equipped her with professional level skills which are combined with a specific know-how and experience in the technology supported learning field.

Mathy Vanbuel

Mathy Vanbuel

ATiT Director

Mathy has a background in audio-visual production and worked for the audio-visual service of KU Leuven for more than 15 years as director and production manager. He is a Director of ATiT which he co-founded in 1999 and where he is regularly called upon to offer consultancy services in the integration of specific ICT tools and services in the education process. Mathy is author of several publications on the use of media in education, he is chairperson of the MEDEA Media in Education Judging Committee and Treasurer of the Media & Learning Association.