The EduHack Online Course will be run in three successive-rounds, each followed up by an intensive face-to-face training session – EduHackathon – where participants will design prototype eLearning courses, OERs and MOOCs. Thus, each of the activity steps will be repeated three times, once for each round of the course.

EduHackathons will be organised in Torino, Madrid and Coventry, hosted by Partner Universities.

During each of three EduHackathons, 40 participants will work intensively in groups (ideally consisting of 5 education professionals) to learn how to design an eLearning course or a MOOC from their existing course material, and to actually incorporate this knowledge into practice. The idea is to have a “hackathon” style event, where participants will bring their own laptops and devices and will work to produce new learning content, with the support of experts on ICT, instructional design, open education, from the hosting institution.

Each event will address an important challenge to education in a digital/networked era (e.g. building meaningful and useful assessment, how to improve student engagement and active participation), to be defined by the learning community. The EduHackathons will be open to a wider audience, and taking the online course won’t be a prerequisite for people (including students) wanting to join these events.