The EduHack Online Course allows university educators to learn how to produce digitally-supported learning experiences and to experiment with creative models and approaches to teaching and learning, with a focus on fostering collaborative learning and enhanced student engagement. The Course represents the preparation phase for the participants to the EduHack hackathons, but it can be taken by anyone as a self-directed learning experience. The competencies that learners will achieve through the EduHack course correspond to the ones identified in the central area of the recently published DIGCOMPEDU Framework by the European Commission.

The Course is based on a “connectivist” approach, where every learner will work through a personal web space and will build knowledge in collaboration with other learners. The ethos of the Course can be summarised as:

  • Open: because it will encourage learners to use the open web and both reuse and produce Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Collaborative: because apart from individual work, participants will engage in group activities, sharing peer-feedback and interacting with others within and beyond the EduHack community of practice.
  • Active: because it will be primarily based on a number of practical activities (“things that can be done”), aiming to help participants rethink teaching and learning through digital practices.